Damy-Solís, Abelardo Ernesto


I have extra-academic professional experience as well. In 1992, I started to work for a software development company, Computación XXI; at first in the Technical Assistance Department and later in the Programming Department. Afterwards, for Industrias Salver, as a programmer, implementing an MRP system.
In December 2015, I completed 50 semesters of being a professor from which I am very proud. I have worked as a professor, at first for the UAG and later for the Tec de Monterrey. Along my teaching experience I have received many awards for my good performance, among them, 12 borregos, 4 medals for academic excellence, 2 diplomas for being the best training professor in the Integral contests in Campus Ciudad de México and the award "Profesores que dejan huella" given by the Exatec community in 2013.
Since I was a High School student, I used to help my classmates and they used to tell me that they liked the way I explained to them. I started my teaching career in February 1991, when I was in 8th semester of Mathematician at the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara. Ever since, I've been teaching several courses, mainly Mathematics but some Computer Science ones as well. I have taught Mathematics, Actuary, Ingeneering, Business, Psicology, Architecture, Communication and High School students.
When working out of academics, I realized that my true vocation was teaching. In January of 1996, I started to work for the Bilingual High School of the Tec de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara. At first, it was very difficult due to my lack of experience in both High School and English teaching. Little by little I was adapting to the Tec until I felt really comfortable, but above all very happy of working in this institution. In August 2000, I started to work as a full time professor in the EIAS (former DIA), where proudly I continue working at present time.
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