González-López, Luis Gerardo

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"One of my areas of interest is leadership, understood as a permanent development process that requires the person to look inside, to see one another and the world in order to live to the fullest and make a positive impact in his environment." Luis Gerardo González López has been involved in projects related to social entrepreneurship, social responsibility on companies and education for peace since some of his interests are the ethical dimension, and social engagement. He studied psychology because, from a young age, he felt the need to create environments where people could grow and develop. He studied a master's degree in Applied Ethics to better understand the elements that might aid in a more humane and just decision making. His doctorate in Human and Organizational Development met his goal to understand and collaborate in the creation of positive changes for individuals and organizations. Education, in general, is his passion. To González López, to be able to walk along his students in their learning process is a privilege as well as an endless source of analysis, of awareness and a constant search for better ways to do his job. In his teaching practice, he focuses on the importance to appreciate the contribution of people in their different contexts, as well as understanding the causes that might hold up or promote that contribution. The main challenge he sees in his profession is the complexity and wealth of the human factor, which is becoming more vulnerable. Working with an individual is not simple, because it changes constantly. What we have conquered today does not determine what will remain in the future and this implies a permanent process of self-observation and consciousness.

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