TecEval: An on-line dynamic evaluation system for engineering courses available for web browsers and tablets uri icon


  • © 2015 IEEE.The assessment process in engineering courses is an arduous task. It requires a lot of effort from teachers. In Mathematics and Physics courses, there are additional issues related to the evaluation of questions with numerical and symbolic answers. In this project, an on-line dynamic assessment system called TecEval was developed. It is a web platform that can be accessed via desktop and mobile browsers. This system enables the management of mathematical equations, and it can randomize the order of the questions and the values of the coefficients in them within certain parameters. Consequently, every student will have to answer a different test every time he/she uses the platform. TecEval allows professors to generate dynamic tests for engineering courses, which are graded automatically. TecEval can create tests with 4 types of questions: i) numerical questions, where the answer is a predetermined number, ii) multiple choice questions (including multiple answers), iii) dynamic questions, where the response is based on a equation, and iv) dynamic-equation questions, where the response is a mathematical equation that may contain dynamic variables. During the evaluation process TecEval performed successfully with students and it obtained positive comments from surveys applied to professors.

Publication date

  • December 2, 2015