Health Wearables for Early Detection of Frailty Syndrome in Older Adults in Mexico: An Informed, Structured Process for the Selection of a Suitable Device uri icon


  • © 2016 The Authors.This paper presents an informed, structured process to the selection of health wearables in the context of mobile health projects, though it may be applied to other wearable devices in different contexts. In particular, this process was applied to the selection of a consumer heatlh wearable for physical activity tracking based on step count within the context of an actual mobile health project that aims to address the early detection of frailty syndrome in the geriatric population in Mexico. The process started with the identification of user needs, followed by their translation to technical specifications defined in terms of metrics (quantifiable features). These metrics were defined using ideal and marginally acceptable values based on national regulations and constraints imposed by the specific context. The devices available in the market were screened and rated against these technical specifications using weighted rating scales that recognise the relative importance of certain specifications. Finally, the selected device was submitted to a preliminary verification test for accuracy. Additional work is required to validate the device for its use under real-life conditions.

Publication date

  • January 1, 2016