Emcaser: Mexican scale for measuring service quality in re staurants EMCASER: Échell e mexicaine de qualité du service dans les restaurants EMCASER: Escala Mexicana de Qualidade no Serviço em Re staurantes Escala mexicana de calidad en el servicio en restaurantes (Emcaser) uri icon


  • © 2017, Innovar. All rights reserved.This paper describes the development of a scale for measuring service quality in restaurants in Mexico. The objective is to enable a scale in Spanish language for measuring service quality in sit-down restaurants; this has been named Mexican Scale for Measuring Service Quality in Restaurants (emcaser in Spanish). A review of the quality service construct is performed, with a review of the methods for its general measurement and its specific measurement for restaurants. The initial detection of attributes and dimensions was undergone through an exploratory study. The results of various empirical trials that made possible to adjust the scale and improve its reliability and validity are exposed as well. As a result, the reagents of this scale are presented for being used in forthcoming research studies. This work additionally analyses the effect of the resulting dimensions of the instrument about general opinion, satisfaction and intention to recommend. A special contribution of this scale lies in its broad detection of attributes that are specific of the restaurants sector, and not just of the regular dimensions in the instrument for measuring service quality that is most cited in literature: servqual.

Publication date

  • January 1, 2017