A learning environment to stimulate the development of competencies for mechanical design uri icon


  • © WIETE 2019.The objective of the research discussed in this article was to identify the educational and technological factors that favourably affect the learning of mechanical design by engineering students. A Web site was created to assemble educational materials; namely, notes, videos, widgets and on-line examinations. To study its effect, a qualitative exploratory research case methodology was followed. The impact of technological factors was assessed, viz. ICT management, connectivity and usability; and educational factors assessed included use of real situations, creative thinking, collaborative work. A final competency assessment was made. It was found that this combination improves the speed of calculation, promotes the optimisation of the designs, takes the cognitive process to higher levels in the development of disciplinary and transversal competencies and increases the interest of the student in mechanical design.

Publication date

  • January 1, 2019