Research skills enhancement through a research-based wit-learning methodology uri icon


  • ¬© 2019 IEEE.A research-based-learning methodology was proposed for the thorough teaching of ongoing topics that would be centered around the students' abilities to apply core technical tools when resolving self-determined research problems. Although the proposed methodology is strongly influenced by the research practice, it was validated principally by the students' objectivity and critical-thinking competencies rather than their acquisition of the required research skills. The present work deals with the assessment of the students' research skills as an outcome of a wit-learning methodology. Specifically, the overall improvement in the quality of their research reports was observed and tracked by the teachers, and their understanding of the research goals and processes was assessed by means of a survey given to them at the beginning and the end of the course. The questions and answers of the surveys were intentionally neither suggested nor discussed during the course so that there could be a valid measurement of the results of the proposed wit-learning methodology. Survey results showed an improvement in the overall alignment (agreement) of the students' understanding of research with that of experienced researchers.

Publication date

  • May 1, 2019