A smart sensor for the measurements of strain and vibrations: A work in progress uri icon


  • © 2019 Copyright SPIE.The use of smart sensors has been increased for several applications. The measurement of a surface motion and its strain, typically, is done with strain gauges. However, these transducers are not easy to use nor maintain in right conditions. This work explores the use of smart materials as new transducers for vibration and strain. The conceptualization of a smart sensor using Magneto-Rheologic Elastomers and Piezoelectric transducer is presented. The setup of the prototype as a sensor for the internet of things allows to show and log the results in the cloud. The fabrication of a prototype and its study under a set of experiments shows the resistivity variation due to physical manipulation and the capability of voltage generation under vibration can be used to create a new sensor technology.

Publication date

  • January 1, 2019