Techno-andragogic ecosystem model for active learning: Digital age learners Academic Article in Scopus uri icon


  • © 2019 ACM.In this era, digital transformation in work processes and new generations such as millennials and centenarians are having an impact of change on organizations. Therefore, it is necessary that those responsible for the training areas look for new pedagogical approaches, such as active learning, for the design of training programs. The traditional instruction, both for e-learning and face-to-face environments, has ceased to have a value in the development of the competencies that promote lifelong learning. The development of competencies based on the lifelong learning concept is part of the agenda for 2030, according to UNESCO, and should also be in the priorities of experts in the design of training programs for adult learners using e-learning environments. The purpose of this document is to introduce a doctoral thesis research plan, and its current status for the creation of a model of a techno-andragogic ecosystem for active learning with diverse architectures integrated into e-learning models that enhance the development of competences. Therefore, the context and motivation of this doctoral thesis is presented, a review of the literature of the primary constructs to be analyzed, the proposal of a mixed method with a sequential concurrent design with predominant approaches in two phases of the investigation: QUAL-QUAN and QUAN-QUAL, which will identify the most effective architectures to promote lifelong learning. The research findings could generate guidelines to incorporate in the design of the ecosystem model to be proposed.

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  • October 16, 2019