Connecting the Research Culture of Teachers to the Development of Undergraduate Student Competencies Academic Article in Scopus uri icon


  • © 2020 ACM.Higher-level educational institutions promote the development of research competencies to have a positive impact on the creation of knowledge. Studies on research competency are focused on the teacher, the student, the training process, or the results based on scientific production, opening up the possibility for investigations that integrate these elements. This document aims to present the current status of a research plan undertaken as a doctoral thesis on the study of the development of research competencies through the transfer of research culture from teacher to student within a training process. For the development of the research, a mixed study with a sequential design is proposed, allowing the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data together to provide a profound understanding of the studied phenomenon. The goal is that the results obtained will help establish the guidelines for a technology-based-assessment model that analyzes the formation of research competencies through the transfer of the research culture from the teacher to the student. These would guide the design of innovative training practices within contextual frameworks. The current state of this research accounts for the contributions to the theoretical framework and provides a first look at the methodology to construct the model.

publication date

  • October 21, 2020