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Elizondo-Ochoa, Jesús Eduardo

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Jesus Eduardo Elizondo, DDS, M.Sc.D, M.Sc.DL, D.Sc.B., DDSc. Jesus E Elizondo earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree in 1992, a Periodontics specialty, and a Master of Science in Dentistry (M.Sc.D) in 1999 from Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, MX. Certificate of Completion in HIV/AIDS prevention, management, treatment, care, and support in 2009 from Universidad de Monterrey, MX. Doctor of Science (D.Sc.B) in Biotechnology degree in 2015 from Tecnologico de Monterrey, MX. Master of Science in Laser Dentistry (M.Sc.DL.) degree in 2017 from Instituto de Tecnologia Avanzada, MX. and Doctor of Dental Science (DDSc) degree in 2017 with an International Doctor Mention from Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, ES. Dr. Elizondo has been working on transdisciplinary research in HIV, infectious and immune diseases since 2010, and has published several articles in this field. He is Mexico's only Faculty Member of HIVdent (oral health experts in HIV), an international organization based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He is also, Member of Mexico's National System of Researchers (CONACyT-SNI Candidate Level). Dr. Elizondo is Executive Director of the NGO Gremio Vita Novus which he co-founded in 2008. An NGO specializing in STDs, HIV/AIDS, human rights, development, and life skills training that has provided quality training for education, research, and other community-based projects. He is also member and co-founder of Mexico's Association of HIV/AIDS Treating Physicians. Elizondo's work enhances government-NGO-University-PLWH collaboration in HIV/AIDS policy and services. He currently serves as Academic Member of the National Council for the Prevention and Control of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome in Mexico (CONASIDA). Likewise, Dr. Elizondo participates as an associate professor in the Department of Basic Sciences at the National School of Medicine and as an associate researcher in the Cellular Engineering and Bioreaction's Strategic Research Group at the National Graduate School of Science and Engineering, both schools at Tecnologico de Monterrey. He has presented many lectures and posters at national and international conference meetings. He also has been the recipient of numerous honors and awards, being one of the most outstanding, the first place at the National Research Competition of the Mexican Association of Periodontology, within the XXII National Meeting, 21st International Congress of Periodontology in 2011. Furthermore, Dr. Elizondo collaborates since 2012 as an editorial advisor for Grupo Reforma Newspaper "El Norte". As well as, a medical technical reviewer for McGraw- Hill Publishing Co. in México and Journal Odontology from Springer Publishing Co.

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