Pérez-Jiménez, Manuel

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"I am a professor and a pediatrician with the certainty that analyzing common problems that affect most people drives us to search for solutions to generate value to our global community." Global health and pediatric anemia are Manuel Pérez Jiménez's main areas of interest. He believes that in the agenda of every health professional, and every citizen of the world, sustainability should be an imperative concept that moves us toward a strategic direction. Connectivity and globalization, he claims, shall help to boost abilities and exert an effective contribution. From his years as a student, and following his father's example, he leaned toward pediatrics. He's especially drawn toward the inspiring challenge this profession represents since children have a whole life ahead of them and their mothers are the accomplices that will allow the suggestions and advice for their children's health to be carried out correctly. He believes that being trusted by a family is a great privilege. To Pérez Jiménez, being able to share his students' professional development and knowing he can transcend through valuable social and professional contributions, is a pleasure. He enjoys running into them, long after graduation, in different professional environments. As a teacher of the medical profession, he also likes to share and contribute with colleagues in the education of several disciplines. To him, offering a generous service to the patient is the most relevant and rewarding experience. Regarding challenges, his is to transcend as a doctor and as a mentor.

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