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Garza-Barbosa, Roberto

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"Public relations and how you carry yourself are extremely important but they are not everything. Law is studied, researched, written, argued, and in order to do that you need to read a lot". Once, over 20 years ago, Roberto Garza Barbosa found a file in his home; it had to do with a lawsuit derived from an accident that happened in the pool of a recreational center. When he read the account of the incident and the established legal syllogism he knew he would become a lawyer. Today, he enjoys studying the structure of legislation and its implementation in specific cases. His areas of interest are intellectual property, private international law, and comparative law. He combined these three subjects in a line of research that he calls "international and comparative intellectual property". With this, he analyzes sentences from different legal systems because, from his point of view, these are the source of his subjects. To Garza Barbosa, great legal transplants such as the idea of a written constitution with separation of powers or the Napoleonic Code from 1802 are examples of the usefulness of comparative law as a source of ideas. However, it is his area of interest mainly for the pleasure of knowing and comparing legal precepts and the way the parts and the judges reason and defend them in a trial. Among his hobbies are enjoying open spaces, planting trees and plants. He likes mountain biking and listening to music, and considers himself an eternal amateur guitar player. Regarding challenges, he has two: studying and reading.

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