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Gutiérrez-Cortés, Fernando Ignacio

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"The possibility of exchanging ideas with the new generations and contributing in a concrete way to the comprehensive education of each person is one of the aspects I enjoy the most about my work". Strategic communication and the study of image are two subjects Fernando Gutiérrez Cortés finds fascinating, as well as information technologies, communication and flow analysis for prediction. Lately he has leaned towards research, promotion, critique and application of media ecology in educational, industrial, political, civic, social, cultural and artistic contexts. With the open exchange of ideas, information, and research about his profession as his main goal, he has contributed with various national and international institutions throughout his career. His starting point was the need to raise awareness within the students about the relevance that information technologies have had, have and will have in people's perception, as well as in the new configuration of the environment. When Gutiérrez Cortés decided to earn his doctorate in Design and Information Display, he was driven by the interest to learn how to intervene and improve the environment according to human necessities through design. He had previously earned a diploma in Private Rights to understand the regulatory framebooks in human coexistence. As a matter of fact, he studied for his Master's degree in Electronic Business because he intented to learn more about the influence of technologies in the social field and also majored in Social Communications and Government.

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