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Rodríguez-Santibañez, Iliana

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International Law has been my life passion for the last 18 year inside and outside a classroom. During this period I have been the lecturer in charge of the course of International Public Law, while actively participating with the CICR in Mexico to further develop my own fresh insights about the contemporary challenges for the subject, so with relative peace times surrounding the environment of my country I have taken this as an advantage to educate on the actions civilians and government forces must adapt under stages of violence and armed conflicts. I am looking forward to bring new tools and the best methodologies to promote the learning of International Law and IHL in Mexico. Prevention and awareness are the two strongest steps for the considerations on the decreasing actions of violence against those in danger during armed conflicts, so different practices carry new results that need to be taught. Since previous researches at the "Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas" at the "Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México" on the topic of the State of international law I was able to reach deeper outcomes, which later on allowed me to publish my book "El Altermundismo como vía ciudadana en la Globalización", same title that takes law as a social building process in globalization for conflicts that cause inequality and disparities on wealthness distribution. The results of my daily quests striving to acquire recognitions as a professor and a researcher can be appreciated upon my status of "national researcher level II" (Sistema Nacional de Investigadores) regarded as such by the university I work at and by the government of Mexico hence this award gave me the credentials to advice on the implementation of IHL at the educational programs of the "Tecnológico de Monterrey" across 10 campuses and for Master's Degree level as an advanced topic subject. My expectations, in pair with my commitment, aim to share and improve the best practices for the study and research of IHL on the previously mentioned programs; therefore the investigation possibilities on my network as a national researcher include collaborations with the government for the adoption of laws that consider relevant statements on the prevention of human rights violations and IHL.I trigger change aligning my motivations and expectations as an academic and national researcher to take on battles that no bullets can defeat as long as my pen and paper are here to prove them wrong.

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