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Kruse,Elliot Tyler

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"Restructuring old ideas and turning them around, combining them until you achieve new advances: that is my favorite part of research." What interests Dr. Kruse the most in research are the ways it can illuminate new paths to negotiate opportunities, design solutions, and change cultures. In other words, he is interested in the way people solve problems. In general, his research focuses on the role of values and well-being in leadership. In particular, he is interested in how peoples' values shape their feelings and abilities, and vice versa. In the past, for example, he has looked at how these concepts intersect with humility, positive stress, cognitive ability, and followership. To answer these questions, he draws on social cognitive theories of appraisal, resources, and power. As psychology passes from the "replication crisis" to the "credibility revolution," he is encouraged by the efforts by others in the field to improve the methods by which we do research. He seeks to contribute to those efforts by incorporating open science practices whenever he can and to promote those practices in the field.

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