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Ramos-De la Peña, Ana Mayela

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Ten years in the areas of food science and biotechnology. Generator of changes with vision for the future. Scientific contributions in indexed journals with a sense of impact innovation that transforms. Co-author of book chapter related to new technologies for food preservation. Member of the National System of Researchers of Mexico, Level C. Postdoctoral projects innovative in experimentation in a) Modification of proteins by PEGylation and (b) the development of innovative products for the food industry. Drafting and Presentation of project proposals for funding with a sense of transforming the paradigms. Process and research experimental certification. Team teaching of enzymology and biocatalysis. Titular professor of dairy products and laboratory classes for food analysis. Industrial collaboration in high commercial value recovery of products such as pectin, chitosan and genipin by innovative and environmentally clean technologies. PhD and Master studies in Food Science and Technology. Bachelor studies of chemical engineering.

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