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Ruíz Godoy-Rivera, Judith Aurora

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Ph.D in Humanities and M.A. in Modern Literature. Member of the National System of Investigators Level I since 2015. Judith Ruiz Godoy has worked and studied in universities of Canada, (University of British Columbia), Spain (University of Lleida) and Mexico (ITESM/UIA/UNAM) teaching from 1998. She has more than 25 publications among which chapters from books and journals recognised at national and international levels. From ITESM Dr. Ruiz Godoy has been awarded different prizes : ----- "Award for the Exatec trace in the 75th anniversary of the Tecnológico de Monterrey" in 2018. ----- "Golden Yearling Sheep" in 2016 for her teaching inputs. ----- "Excellence Tower" in 2013 to get the best score among all graduates of her generation. Dr. Ruiz Godoy considers her most relevant sketch includes activities that she has started developing from 2018. 1) She has first started to develop collective intelligence, attention mechanisms and interdisciplinary dialogue, since she believes those are the academic basis for putting working teams together. Having then promoted in the School of Humanities and Education social innovation projects making a difference in matters of Sustainable Development Objectives 4 and 11 : Quality Education and Sustainable Cities and Communities. 2) She has promoted academic dialogue to the highest level , and only last year, the School of Humanities hosted more than 25 national and international speakers in several events, among which 2 Nobel Prizes who attended the 3rd symposium on Climate change adaptation in Latino America for which Campus Puebla was the host : Gustavo J. Nagy and Ana Cecilia Conde. 3) In matters of Leadership and service promotion, in the Southern region the School of Humanities has developed Weeks of innovation and Semesters of Innovation, just as Tec transversal and disciplinary weeks in matters of topics such as : Music, Gender, forced abductions, Indigenous identity Recovery, Urban orchards labs, music and theatre Experiences, Multimedia labs of intervention literature, artistic interventions in primary schools, violence prevention, Street photo stories and Projects dealing with ecotourism recovery in nature reserves. 4) On top of the activities already mentioned, she considers that the best counterpart of teaching is investigation so much so that in the last 2019 in the School of Humanities and Education Southern region, 12, books, 24 articles were published and staff attended to 23 Academic Congresses, at national and international levels. The number of professors registered in the National System of Investigators also raised to 7. 5) Being deeply convinced of the emergency of a humanistic consideration facing the current and coming world issues, Dr Ruiz Godoy promoted and supported the initiative of her teachers of creating, inside the Group of Investigation for a strategic approach "Ethics and Human development" a new subgroup in that group called "Sustainability and anthropogenic" from which she is also taking part in both sessions and publications. 6) Last but not least, she has also promoted the development of infrastructure in the 5 campus of the region in which the Entry of Creative Studies has been open : Chiapas, Toluca, Puebla, Hidalgo and Cuernavaca. Investing in Media labs and Language Centre has boosted the work of teachers to give an excellent service to students and make them the central part of the new educational model, Tec 21.

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