Engineering Education 4.0:-proposal for a new Curricula uri icon


  • © 2018 IEEE. The paper describes a new curriculum for Engineering Education 4.0 based on the analysis of different references and essential relevant documents that explain the necessity to well-formed a new generation of professionals. Considering the technological change that world is going through, our current social environments and generational differences in a society focus on the extraneous and declares itself as the savior of the world. The university rises as a relevant and essential agent to ensure knowledge and development of competencies in this fourth industrial revolution, which has been called Industry 4.0 (I4.0). A series of digital technologies converge in applications transform the industrial processes so that they become more connected, reliable, predictable, resilient, and a high degree of certainty. All of this is due to the articulation of several capabilities of information technologies. Several efforts have been detonated in the world trying to better understand this evolution and in particular for Engineering Education towards the I4.0.

Publication date

  • May 23, 2018