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Olvera-Trejo, Daniel

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STUDIES - Bachelor in Mechatronics Engineering - Ph.D. in Engineering Sc. with specialization in Mechanics RESEARCH INTERESTS - Prediction of the modal response of linear and nonlinear dynamic systems by using perturbation techniques. - Modeling and Analysis of Machining of superalloys and thin-walled components. - Generation of core-shell micro/nanoparticles by using coaxial electrospray for biomedical applications. - Fabrication of 3D printed microfluidic devices for electrospray and electrospinning applications. CURRENT PROJECTS - Miniaturization of multiplexed coaxial electrospray sources for high throughput nanoencapsulation. - Evaluation of electrospray printing for the fabrication of thin film field-effect transistors - Design of multivariable milling tool to reduce vibration in machining of superalloys. - Tool path optimization of thin wall machining and chatter vibrations avoidance

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