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Ramírez de Arellano-Niño Rincón, Juan Manuel Eugenio

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I did my undergraduate studies in Physics at UNAM (Mexico), and then a PhD in Physics at UNAM as well in 2012, supervised by Dr. Luis Fernando Magaña Solís. In 2009, I authored a physics textbook published by MacMillan, to be used at the middle highschool level in Mexico. Starting in 2011, I teach different courses for the undergraduate level as well as one course un the graduate program at Tecnologico de Monterrey. I have taught several physics courses at the Faculty of Sciences, UNAM. My research field is the Computational Materials Science, within ther Density Functional Theory. I have published ten articles so far, with an average of one per year, since I started my researcher carreer. I have participated in different physics conferences in my field, among them the IMRS conference, the DIAMOND conference held by Elsevier, etc. In 2019 I did a short research stay collaborating with Prof. Stefaan Cottenier, from UGhent, Belgium. This collaboration is still active. At Tecnologico de Monterrey I have participated in several NOVUS projects as well as having invited Prof. Roger Freedman (University of California at Santa Barbara), Dr. Melora Larson and Dr. Alfred Nash (NASA) to give several talks at the different campuses of Ciudad de Mexico region.

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