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Ayllón-Aragón, Grisel

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"My areas of interest come from the theory of microeconomics, which strives to understand the reasons behind the decision-making process of economic agents." After Arrow's imposibility theorem, economic theory faced the great challenge to solve the minutiae and opportunity costs of social decisions. To propose the best rules for different scenarios in order to reach social agreements is a subject that concerns the population and that particularly fascinates Grisel Ayllón Aragón. The branch of political economy she explores is the one that ensembles the consequences of election and both the voters' and the candidates' strategies to win positions, either of ideology or office. She finds exciting to apply the theory of microeconomics in the development of mechanisms or public policy in order to align economic agents to make more effective decisions that achieve better results. What she likes the most about her profession is to have the analytical and abstraction skills to avoid making impulse decisions. Ayllón Aragón believes that, through theoretical-scientific support, public policy that impacts positively on the well-being of society can be drawn up. She finds rewarding to be in contact with young people, to guide them and to open new doors to knowledge. Aside from publishing, doing research or presenting high-impact expositions, she thinks preparing the new generations to have the proper competencies and to improve their critical thinking is the greatest need of all.

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