Caro-Osorio, Enrique

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"I have the chance to meet many people and "touch" their lives, trying to help them solve their problems." There are two reasons why Enrique Caro Osorio chose to specialize in Neurosurgery. First, because it is a subject which encloses many misteries surrounding the operation of the brain. Second, because knowledge and progress in the matter make meeting the patients, determining a precise diagnosis ¿both from the clinical point of view as well by running auxiliary tests¿, and offering them a solution (like, for example, a microneurosurgery), a truly enthralling endeavor. Brain tumors are his main interest due to the challenge involved to remove them completely without harming the healthy brain. Besides, although multidisciplinary treatment has evolved with the help of new technologies, there is still much to do. Proof of that is brain cancer, glioblastoma, whose life expectancy is 14 months and which has not changed in a significant way in the past 50 years. Caro Osorio considers his professional practice to be highly dynamic because the cases he faces are of varied pathology: from simple lumbar disc herniation, brain tumors in children, congenital malformations and hydrocephalus, to truly complex situations which may require 20 or more hours in the operating room. His professional duty is sensitive. It demands the determining of an exact diagnosis based on appropriate examination and interrogation as well as performing technically correct surgeries which demand the utmost dedication, precision and patience to release the patient from the pathology that afflicts him without damaging his nervous system.

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