Eraña-Rojas, Irma Elisa

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"Anatomic pathology is a medical specialty essential to understand the physiopathological processes of disease, to correlate them with clinical medicine and to arrive at a diagnosis to be able to help with treatment." You could say that Irma Elisa Eraña Rojas has two professions: one as a pathologist, where she identifies, analyzes and diagnoses pathological processes on a cellular and tissue-level in order to help the treating physician in the proper attention of patients, and another one as a teaching physician, which allows her to support her students in their search for the competencies necessary for them to become doctors. Anatomic pathology is the base to understand the health-disease process, which is why she is passionate about teaching from a physiopathological approach. Of her teaching profession, she is interested in technological innovation as a tool for the teaching-learning process; in addition, she strives to encourage research that involves both students and professors. Eraña Rojas believes herself to be a researcher that, based on relevant clinical information, medical knowledge, and macroscopic and microscopic information, is capable to diagnose the pathologies in patients. She is certain that her challenge as an anatomopathologist is to keep herself up to date to arrive at a more accurate and complete diagnosis and to be of help on the patients' search for health. As a teacher, her main challenge is to manage that her students enjoy the learning process so that, despite difficulties, they feel pride when they finish their studies and have the necessary enthusiasm to continue their professional training.

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