Díaz-Elizondo, José Antonio

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"There isn't a fair distribution of health care delivery to the different members of our society." As a specialist in general surgery and advanced laparoscopy, José Antonio Díaz Elizondo was drawn toward this area from the moment he started his professional career; since with less invasive and aggressive approaches, illnesses can be treated with the help of surgery without generating greater aggression to the patient. He likes the fact that his profession demands the incorporation of technology in a very particular way, as well as the development of coordination and haptics. His specific interests revolve around inguinal, ventral, and incisional hernias, as well as the surgical solution to the gastroesophageal reflux disease. He's enthusiastic about music, traveling, and getting to know different cultures. He believes that the greatest challenge he faces is having to practice his profession within a restrictive economic framework since technology is expensive, as well as the control paying agents exert.

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