Segura-Azuara, Nancy de los Angeles

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"Being able to help patients endure the difficulties related to their disease, to relieve their pains and limitations, is what motivates me." Nancy de los Ángeles Segura Azuara specializes in internal medicine focused on adults, both on acute as well as chronic and degenerative diseases, for which there is currently no cure but treatments that allow for greater independence, functionality, and self-control. Her greatest motivation is to seek for her patients and their families' well-being. This is why she collaborates on their health recovery and education; her goal is for patients to understand their disease as well as its modifiable factors, and encourage themselves to develop healthy habits that may notably benefit their lives. Segura Azuara believes that through internal medicine, the study of the interaction between the various organs and systems that affect the organism during disease, medical education, and academic mentoring affects the patients' health, but also the education of students. Her endeavor to improve the conditions of access to health-care services of those who need it responds to the intention to achieve a better society both in Mexico and the world. According to her own experience, one of the main challenges her profession faces is to improve the access to health-care services for every population sector, starting with health education for every patient and their family, empowering them to correct the processes that put them at risk and to make informed decisions regarding their health situation, given that the patient should always remain an autonomous, free individual.

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