Guedea-Elizalde, Federico

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"My profession is that of a researcher-advisor, and what I like the most is to be able to carry out real projects within the industrial area, in order to show practical examples to my mechatronics and other related disciplines' students." As an electronic system engineer graduate, Federico Guedea Elizalde had to understand how digital and computer systems worked at the time the microprocessor and microcomputer era began, technologies that nowadays continue to be landmarks in the development of new applications and processes. As an employee at the labs of the Vitro company, he developed a digital control system comparable to what is currently known as PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). Afterward, he specialized in diffuse control systems and received a doctorate in artificial intelligence. His areas of interest are process automation, industrial networks, and collaborative robots. Guedea Elizalde has also been a professor and claims that students appreciate analyzing methods or tools applied to real-life situations, which is why keeping in touch with companies has allowed him to show problems whose solutions vary depending on the tools, abilities, and budgets you have at the time. As a matter of fact, he lays out the same problem every semester and always receives innovative and original solutions from his students. After years of studying, developing, and implementing different projects, he has concluded that the greatest challenge his profession faces is being up to date, given that there is always a new product or company that offers disruptive features or abilities compared to what is currently available in the market. This is why, as a teacher, he makes sure he develops self-learning skills and objective information searching in his students.

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