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Batres-Prieto, Rafael

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Rafael Batres is a professor at Tecnológico de Monterrey and belongs to the Product Innovation research-group at the School of Engineering and Sciences. His research is currently focused on energy planning, operating procedure synthesis, efficient extraction of accident information, material and product design, reuse of mathematical models, ontology engineering, data mining, case-based reasoning, and agent-based optimization. Rafael Batres received a BS in chemical engineering from the National University of Mexico (UNAM) and both a MEng and PhD in process systems engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology. In 1998, he joined Tokyo Institute of Technology as an assistant professor. He also worked for over a year in France in the French Petroleum Institute (IFP) as a visiting scientist. From 2005 to 2014, Dr. Batres worked as an associate professor in the group of industrial systems engineering at Toyohashi University of Technology. Since 2005, Dr. Batres has supervised a total of 104 BS, Masters and PhD students to timely completion. He has published over 40 articles in professional journals and has presented a similar number of papers in international conferences. He is a reviewer for several international journals and has held various roles in scientific committees of various international organizations and meetings.

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