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I was born and raised in Skopje, Macedonia, where I finished my undergraduate studies in Architecture. After a 7 year working experience as architect and marketing visual communication specialist in T-Mobile Macedonia, I received the prestigious scholarship MONBUSHO from the Japanese Government for post graduate studies. I finished my Master degree in Architecture in Kyoto Institute of Technology in 2011, and my PhD degree in Architecture from Osaka University in 2014. While doing my research in Japan, I was also working as a teaching assistant for 2 years. I organized and managed a 3-year internship program for post-graduate students with my professor Hyuga Susumu, for which program we received the Prize for "Outstanding Practice in Architectural Education" from the Architectural Institute of Japan in 2013. In April 2014, I moved to Mexico with my husband. From August 2014, I am lecturing in ITESM CCM, in Projects IV, Projects V, Urban analysis, Urban Project and Methodologies of Urban Design. My students won the 1st Place in the 19° Encuentro Plástico Espacial, organized by the Department of Architecture of UNAM in May 2016. I am actively pursuing a career in research: I am a member of the Architectural Institute of Japan (from April 2011) and a member of SNI-level Candidate (from January 2016). My current research interests are 1. Urban expansion in China, collaboration with researchers from Osaka University and Kobe Design University; 2. The Impact of Policies and Distribution of Housing in Socialist Yugoslavia on the Rising of Ethnic Intolerance Before the 1991-96 War, collaboration with Boulder University|s prof. Srinivas P. and doctoral student Boyes Ramirez C.

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