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Membrillo-Hernández, Jorge

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My name is Jorge Membrillo-Hernández, I am Ph. D in Environmental and Sustainable Biotechnology from King's College of the University of London and I have developed research in the field of ecological microbiology, where I have published 48 articles in indexed journals I am currently an Associate Editor of the Archives of Microbiology Journal, a journal with a high impact on sustainable microbiology. My work has consisted in carrying out projects that have to do with sustainability, I have worked as head of Advisors of the Public Administration of the World Heritage City of Xochimilco for 6 years where we developed projects for the conservation of the tangible and intangible heritage of Xochimilco. Among the projects we developed were the conservation of heritage buildings through sustainable engineering, the conservation of the Chinampas ecological landscape, as well as the sustainable and integral management of organic solid waste. Since 2010, I joined the company Salus Mundi, an international company dedicated to sustainability through biotechnological processes. In particular, it aims at the intelligent transformation of organic waste into useful and sustainable compounds in agriculture. It is worth mentioning that this project is of great importance since it will be replicated in Argentina, Colombia and the United States. One of my passions is to be a teacher, perhaps because my parents, both were teachers, even my father was my biology teacher in junior high school, now they are officials of the Secretary of Public Education but his legacy as teachers continues valid. I have been a teacher since I graduated from the Bachelor's Degree, I have had High school, undergraduate, Master's, Ph. D. and Post-Doctorate students. In my career I have been Thesis advisor of 11 B Sc, 8 MSc and 6 Ph. D. I have been Professor at King's College, Sheffield University, Harvard University, National Autonomous University of Mexico and now happy to be a Full-Time teacher at Tecnológico de Monterrey where I have developed several activities as a designer and coordinator of one Semester i with our teaching partner, the pharmaceutical German company, Boehringer Ingelheim, an effort of the entire team of teachers of the mechatronics department, as well as Semana i and recently I was part of the team that designed the course FIT BIOLOGY AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. I am very interested on modern teaching techniques and have specialized in Challenge-based Education. I even wrote the experiences of this adventure called Semester i and our paper was accepted for publication in the journal of the International Society of Engineering Pedagogy. As well as its acceptance for presentation at the Engineering Education World Congress. Currently I am immersed in the discussion of what is and what should be the new career in Engineering in Sustainable Development, one of the most attractive bets that the Tecnológico de Monterrey has. In the Personal Aspect, I live in Xochimilco, World Heritage City, and I do have a daughter Andrea Larissa, 8 years old, a naughty girl who is my passion,

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