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Jan Rehak, PhD. is a Slovakia born entrepreneur, business professor and researcher, currently teaching entrepreneurship, business development and business model innovation at Tecnológico de Monterrey in Queretaro. Jan studied business management in Slovakia and Germany and holds a master's degree in strategic management from Comenius University. During his master's degree studies, he co-founded his first businesses in Bratislava, Slovakia. He founded and managed a business consulting company Erener Group, and a financial consulting firm VedEko. He started his PhD studies, while teaching business management at Comenius University in Bratislava, and formed a part in the development of a technology startup SmartIS, focused on developing innovative LMS systems. During his early consulting and entrepreneurial career, Jan worked with number of businesses as a consultant in the area of finance and business model development in Central Europe. After his arrival to Mexico as a visiting professor at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Queretaro in mid-2015, Jan has been dedicated to developing entrepreneurs and businesses in Mexico, developing business models and validation strategies for dozens of traditional as well as social impact startups. As a part of his educational work, he is dedicated to business consulting for the ITESM high impact incubator, and as a faculty advisor for an international student movement Enactus focused on social entrepreneurship. Besides his work as a business professor, Jan is dedicated to research of entrepreneurship and innovation. He forms a part of Global Entrepreneurship Monitor research teams both in Slovakia and Mexico and focuses on inclusive and impact entrepreneurship in his research, while being a member of the National Researcher System of National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT). Jan shares his experience in entrepreneurship and innovation through workshops and conferences in Mexico and Latin America (Colombia, Guatemala, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Chile, among others), where he works with businesses and students from different backgrounds. In the recent years he was also involved as a partner in a fintech startup and a social business consulting company in Queretaro, and is a managing partner at the first venture capital fund founded in Queretaro, Tera Sigma Venture Capital. Jan believes that the way to have impact in this world is through a sustainable innovative entrepreneurship and education, which he preaches trough his work as a business professor, researcher, consultant, mentor and entrepreneur.

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