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Carrión-Chavarría, Belinda del Carmen

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Dr. Belinda Carrión obtained her medical degree with Honors from Tecnológico de Monterrey in 1998. After that she continued her clinical training in Pediatrics obtaining her specialty in 2002 following her training in Pediatric Neurology and becoming a licensed Pediatric Neurologist in 2006. Both specialties were also done in Tecnológico de Monterrey. Right away she became involved in the academic field becoming Professor Assistant in Pediatrics and Neurology as well as training physicians in Child Neurology during their Pediatric Program. In 2009 she moved to Denmark where she worked as a Child Neurologist in the Danish Epilepsy Center during a year, before she decided to pursue a career in Basic Health Sciences. Dr. Carrión identified that in order to push a better understanding of devastating neurologic diseases in children, we must understand how neurons interact in their environment with other cells specifically immune cells. That is why she applied and became a PhD student at the Neuroinflammation Group leaded by Profr. Shohreh Issazadeh-Navikas, PhD in the Molecular Mechanisms of Disease (MOMED) Faculty at the University of Copenhagen Denmark. In 2011 she became coauthor of a paper published in Nature Medicine where Issazadeh´s group in Denmark identified a new subtype of Regulatory T cells specifically produced in the Nervous System. After obtaining her PhD degree in 2016 she returned to Tecnológico de Monterrey where she was appointed Director of the Basic Sciences Department in June 2017. In January of 2018 she became recertified as Pediatrician and has been invited to become a member faculty of the Doctorate Program of the Health Sciences Faculty.

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