Ramírez-Medrano, Alicia

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"I have always liked discovering, experimenting, proving, characterizing¿ and what I love the most about it is that this applies to many disciplines: medicine, biotechnology, environmental sciences, among others." Alicia Ramírez Medrano is not a trained biotechnologist, but a biotechnologist at heart since this discipline encompasses multiple areas of science and joins them for the common good. She is passionate about finding innovative, realist solutions through rubbish or industrial waste; a fascinating construction process that requires an ability to search. One of the chemist's first approaches with biotechnology was high-value protein characterization. Ever since then she has applied analytical instrumentation to measure, discover and characterize new processes and their resulting products. Laboratory work is another one of her great pleasures because of the concentration skills it requires. Ramírez Medrano enjoys teaching on a professional level because it allows her to share her knowledge and compels her to keep herself updated, both on disciplinary knowledge and on learning trends. She considers it a privilege to be able to contribute to talent formation in Mexico, to meet students and their passions and to be their travel companion, which in turn keeps her learning. She also finds the administrative side of her profession interesting -all the processes that happen backstage in order to put an idea in motion-. When her schedule allows, she runs long distances, since endorphins are essential to keep her balance, fully enjoy her work and to reach other goals.

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