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"I like marketing strategy because it is a creative domain and is not based in epistemologies. I enjoy originating marketing theories through applied perspectives on research and marketing results." Rajagopal has worked in marketing since 1979, after selecting the economical analysis of unorganized markets in India as his Ph.D. research topic. The main areas he focuses on are consumer behavior, innovation management, and market research, given that all of them converge in a marketing strategy. Consumers have always been of interest to him since he likes to carry out psychological analyses and apply the results in the development of a marketing strategy, which often proves to be quite a challenge. He has been acknowledged by the Mexican government for his creation of the best executive program on innovation, technology, and competitivity. Rajagopal enjoys exploring the human elements in business and analyzing mental maps. His challenge is to link research, new ideas, and multifaceted teaching paradigms. He loves developing new concepts, proving them through his research and taking them into his classroom, as well as writing books about his teaching. It is a chain of academic challenges that he truly relishes. He is a member of multiple international research associations, such as the Royal Society for Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce in the United Kingdom, the Academy of Marketing Science in the United States, or the Indian Society of Agricultural Economics. He has also been part of the editorial board of publications such as the International Journal of Leisure and Tourism Marketing.

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