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Dr. Guillermo Manuel Chans, part-time professor of the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Santa Fe He completed his undergraduate and doctoral studies in Chemical Sciences in Córdoba city, Argentina. His academic background during the doctorate was oriented towards organic physical chemistry. Upon graduation, he carried out a post-doctoral research in inorganic chemistry at the Chemistry Institute of UNAM, Mexico. During his stay, he has specialized in the synthesis and characterization of organic and organometallic compounds. Dr. Chans is actively involved in the international scientific area. As a result of his performance, he has generated to date eight published works in refereed journals of remarkable international level. Furthermore, he participated in numerous presentations and dissertations to both international and national congresses (22 in total) and has given two lectures. In the education area, he has taught to more than 30 groups for 10 years and has excellent skills in English, and basic level of communication in French, German and Japanese. Currently, he teaches at the Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Santa Fe and is pursuing a master's degree in Educational Technology at the same university and is a level 1 member of the National Research System.