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Domínguez-Cherit, José Guillermo

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"What I like the most about my profession is being able to interact with human beings. Being able to help them to restore their health, and with it, the well-being we all search for as part of our quality of life". As a specialist in internal medicine, intensive care, and anesthesia, José Guillermo Domínguez Cherit controls and improves the physiological processes of the human being, given that these areas share the will to treat the patients' diseases in a fast manner, with immediate or almost immediate effect. Particularly regarding the intensive care area, his interest focuses on nosocomial infections, that is, hospital-acquired infections, given that they are an important cause of death nowadays. However, since they can be prevented, it is possible to reduce mortality in acutely ill patients. Domínguez Cherit believes that one of the main challenges for his profession is to come close to perfection through teaching and through the study of medical advances, including technological advances that can be applied to the patients' benefit. Another one of his aims as a doctor is to try to make an impact in the greatest number of patients by sharing his knowledge and acting in crisis situations that might come up in Mexico, such as the influenza pandemic in 2009. As a matter of fact, at that moment he actively worked in the attention of critical patients and collaborated with the Health Department in the development of guidelines to restore the health of that type of patients.

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