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Husted-Corregan, Bryan William

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"Commercial businesses are at the center of many of the social and environmental problems of today's world, which is why its solution is in the companies themselves." Every phenomenon that occurs at the intersection of commercial businesses and society is of great interest to Bryan Husted. How do businesses affect society and how does society affect businesses? That question has led him to write about subjects such as sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. He studied Business and Public Policy at Berkeley with the purpose of understanding businesses and the limits of public policy in the solution of social and environmental problems caused by companies. To him, the key lies in developing business models that take advantage of the power of companies to benefit society and not only to maximize profit. Although the role of an academic can seem small, Husted considers that as part of a system, it actually has a strong impact on society; which is why the progress reached so far responds to a large extent to creative research. He recognizes that the value of his contributions relies on an invaluable group of assistants. He is passionate about learning and creating new knowledge. He enjoys the freedom to explore roads less traveled. As a researcher, his greatest challenge is to remain up to date on everything published, which is difficult even on a relatively small field such as corporate sustainability and social responsibility.

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