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Rocha-Pizaña, María del Refugio

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"Mexico has extraordinary biological and cultural diversity, therefore, great potential for population studies, but we lack backing to generate science on a more competitive level." Due to the fact that nutrition plays a crucial role in the development or prevention of many diseases, María del Refugio Rocha Pizaña's goal is to understand the influence certain foods have on obesity or cancer, for example. By specializing in Nutrigenomics, her main interest is to understand the activation or inhibition of metabolic pathways of carbohydrates and lipids, as well as the regulation of cell death pathways, because thereon, functional foods or nutraceuticals with direct benefits for health are triggered. A passionate researcher, Rocha Pizaña is captivated by the precise way in which a cell works to keep organisms alive. As a matter of fact, when she was studying in college, she was impressed to understand that inside the cell nucleus of barely 5 to 6 micrometers, all the DNA information of a human being could fit in but, unraveled, the chromosome information of a single cell would measure up to 2 meters. Rocha Pizaña is aware that the science budget in Mexico is limited, which makes its study difficult, in addition to the high costs of equipment or material importation from the United States. Therefore, the challenge for Mexican researchers is to do more with less and work creatively. As a professor, she feels most accomplished when she discovers she has managed to transmit the love for research to some of her students.

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