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Santos-García, Arturo

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"The challenge of my profession is the prevention and treatment of the causes of blindness, given that irreversible blindness is related to retinal diseases." With a specialization in ophthalmology, medical and surgical retina, and with a doctorate in Molecular Biology in Medicine, Arturo Santos García has four areas of interest: retina-specialized medical attention, translational health research, technology-based entrepreneurship and quality models in healthcare. Having the opportunity to impact the lives of his patients and society, and trying to improve their health, is what he enjoys the most about his profession. This is why he strives to restore the visual function of his patients through medical attention and advanced retinal surgery. Santos García leads the Grupo de Investigación con Enfoque Estratégico (GIEE): Biociencias Aplicadas para la Salud, and focuses in the development of new therapeutic alternatives and the design of surgical procedures that impact a larger number of patients. He is the author of the book El libro Grin de Oftalmologi¿a, and has taken part in the training of high-level human capital in the medical and surgical retina area. He is also editor-in-chief for Oftalmología en la opinión de los expertos. Serie para la educación continua en oftalmología, and is the head of the companies Centro de Retina Me¿dica y Quirúrgica, Innovaciones Biomédicas y Tecnológicas, and Applied Biomedical Technologies.

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