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Rodriguez-Salvador, Marisela

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"I'm an engineer, but I'm interested in technology management. I studied a doctorate in Business in an engineering school so that the approach was completely technological." Marisela Rodríguez Salvador is interested in competitive technological intelligence because it is a discipline that helps in the decision-making process of strategic decisions linked to innovation and technology management. She adds value to the strategic planning processes of organizations and although relatively new in Mexico, the subject has become established in highly innovative countries. Her doctoral thesis on competitive technological intelligence was the first in Spanish in the area. She wanted to specialize in this because she searched for something where she could integrate the business strategy part into technology, and for it to impact the highest levels of a company. In addition, she thought it important to make a contribution to her country by supporting companies to improve their strategic technology plan, and of course, to create human resources. The former became quite a challenge for Rodríguez Salvador, who has had to exert herself to achieve her expected results. Being a woman and embarking on a new area in Mexico required her to start from scratch and to work intensely to claim her space. Things have changed now, especially with the new significance of data analysis. As a teacher she likes developing international collaborations, to visit highly-reputed institutions so that this can reflect on her projects and her students. She appreciates the recognition to her work, such as being the first Mexican accepted as a visiting scholar at the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research.

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