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I have 15 years of extensive research experience in different areas of Genomics and Transcriptomics (specifically plant and microbial genomics/transcriptomics). I completed my doctoral studies from India (2004-2010) and the main area of my doctoral works was plant pathogen genomics. I have more than 5 years of postdoctoral research experience (2009-2016). During Postdoctoral studies at prestigious Bose Institute (India, 2009-2011) and UNAM (DGAPA, Mexico, 2011-2013) I focused on exploring the possible role of different stress responsive plant genes, specially plant microRNAs, during biotic and abiotic stresses. During my last postdoctoral stay (2014-2016) at UNALM, Peru I worked on industrially important microbial genomics. I have one year (2017-2018) of industrial exposure at an agriculture biotech company Azul Natural Pvt. Ltd. (Durango, Mexico) as a Senior Research Scientist. I published 32 scientific articles (5 articles as corresponding author and 17 articles as first author) in different reputed international peer reviewed journals like Journal of Biotechnology, Plant Science, Plant Physiology, PLoS One, Journal of Integrative Plant Biology, Virus Research, Molecular Biotechnology, 3 Biotech etc. Total citations and total impact factors of my articles are 498 and 44.7 respectively, while my H index is 13 (Google Scholar). I am an associate editor of the reputed journal 3 biotech (Springer) and a reviewer of several international journals such as 3 biotech (Springer), Virology Journal (BMC), Agri Gene (Elsevier), Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology (Scientific Research), Peer J, Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology (Elsevier), Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology. In 2016 I have been qualified as Research Investigator by DINA, CONCYTEC, Peru. Currently, I am working as Research Professor (June 2018-) at ITESM, Mexico. I am result-oriented, highly motivated, fast learner and a good team player. I have the ability to write research projects, design and perform research experiments independently or with a group of professionals.

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