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Escobar-Valderrama, Gerardo

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""Being able to prepare a student is an enormous responsibility; this accomplishment brings the pleasant sensation of having been useful to society. The student must always surpass the teacher, otherwise, the teaching profession would not be fulfilled". After believing that control is the essence of engineering, Gerardo Escobar Valderrama specialized in automation and its application in power electronic systems. He is amazed by the possibility to describe and understand the dynamics behind operating systems and, especially, to be able to alter these dynamics for a system to behave according to a specific aim. Electronics was always one of his hobbies, which is why being able to combine it with engineering brings him great satisfaction, and he feels enthusiastic about the boom of both areas because of the urgency for renewable energies and electric vehicles. As a researcher, Escobar Valderrama enjoys being exposed to new problems although he may not know where they might lead or if he is going to find an answer. But to reach a result that allows for progress in knowledge and technology, and to be a reference for other researches is extremely rewarding to him. This is why one of his challenges is for his projects to find a balance between knowledge generation, technological development, the needs of society and the conservation of natural resources. Teaching allows him to share concepts and much of the experience earned throughout his career. To recall his time as a student allows him to better understand his students' concerns and, although he teaches theory lessons, he brings up practical projects in order to reinforce the students' knowledge and also, to present a more entertaining course.

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