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Lozoya-Gamez, Rafael Camilo

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"As a mechatronic engineering professor, one of the my most rewarding aspects is to take part in the projects and ideas my students want to develop." Ever since Rafael Camilo Lozoya Gamez obtained his doctorate in Robotics, Control and Automation, his activities as a professor have mainly focused on industrial automation, real-time control systems, embedded systems, and sensors and data communication networks. He is keen on analyzing productive processes of any field (industrial, agricultural, environmental) to make mathematical models and, in so doing, find optimal solutions that allow for resource efficiency. He worked in the manufacturing industry for almost 10 years, and noticed the needs and opportunities of the sector. This is why he focused his studies in areas with significant impact and a close connection to the industry. Lozoya Gamez is keen on combining research and teaching since the first allows him to keep himself up to date and to suggest new scientific and technological alternatives for his area of interest, while teaching enables him to share, discuss and analyze ideas, and especially, to find solutions that impact our environment favorably. Among the satisfactions his job as a professor at Tecnológico de Monterrey brings are the possibility to contribute with his academic and industrial expertise to the learning process of young people. Furthermore, being in contact with young students represents a revitalizing experience that motivates him to remain up to date on the technological, academic and human fields.

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