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Delgado-Cepeda, Francisco Javier

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Francisco Javier Delgado Cepeda is Physicist, graduated from Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Unidad Iztapalapa. He has a master and PhD in Physics by Center for Research and Advanced Studies (CINVESTAV) in Mexico city, in the areas of quantum control . He did postdoctoral stays at the Center for Research and Advanced Studies in Mexico and the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy, working in quantum control, time quantum measurements and quantum information processing . He has also a master degree in Educational Management by ITESM. In collaboration with Professor José Luis Gómez in 2008, they developing a quantum simulator package based on Mathematica software : QUANTUM . By this development he received the award for Technological Innovation in 2011, by the Tecnológico de Monterrey. He got the FIMPES Research Award in 2000 and 2012. Actually, he is member of National System of Researchers in Mexico.

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