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Vargas-Rosales, César

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"I divide my interests into two large groups. The first one consists of the branches of basic science and the second one of the disciplinary branches of telecommunications engineering." César Vargas Rosales specialized in communications and signal processing, a discipline based on discrete mathematics and stochastic processes that allow its implementation in different areas such as radars, tracking, communications networks, propagation analysis, and sound system design, among others. The versatility of signal processing fascinates him, especially since knowledge evolves and this specialty is the foundation of other current studies: machine learning, deep learning, Bayesian decision theory, big data, data analytics, and neural networks. His studies enable his movement within research lines among communications. For instance, he can analyze cyber attacks by using signal processing and information theory tools, develop localization algorithms for sensor networks or with drones through geometry, or apply Maxwell's equations to study signal propagation on different frequency bands. He believes that one of the main challenges of his profession is to achieve the development of technologies such as cognitive radio, nanosatellites, millimeter wave propagation, terahertz radiation, quantum communication, 5G, 6G and white space communications in Mexico. In order to succeed, the recognition of the importance of communications, and the leadership of authorities are essential. It is also important that those who work in this field focus not only on analysis, model and simulation studies, due to their low cost.

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