García-Rivas, Gerardo de Jesús uri icon

Director of Translational Research at TecSalud. "There's a constant challenge to create new resources; to contribute to the education of new generations of medical scientists". What Gerardo de Jesús García Rivas enjoys the most about his profession is being able to understand unknown facts; having the chance to discover new effects and new therapies that might be of help to his patients' health. He studied Biology, completed a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, and received postdoctoral training on electrophysiological mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmia in the United States. Upon his return to Mexico, as a researcher, he specialized in the development of translational medicine protocols, which involves trying to understand the mechanisms and molecular basis of cardiovascular diseases in order to have preclinical models and to treat the patient with experimental medicine or therapies. García Rivas has contributed to the creation of six patents. His area of interest is cardiovascular physiology, mainly, the understanding of the underlying cellular and molecular mechanisms in the disease in order to develop new treatment strategies. He believes that one of the challenges of his profession is to be permanently up to date, open to the debate of new paradigms and different ways to treat cardiovascular diseases, which is why he must always be in contact with the most relevant content in cardiovascular knowledge. He also considers a challenge to educate the future generations that might broaden the existing knowledge and extend lines of research, as well as obtain the infrastructure and the material resources needed for cutting-edge research.