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Professor Insignia Rómulo Garza 2015. "The worse thing you can do is copy other's progress; you have to question yourself how problems can be solved in a better way. This might be what matters more to me about my profession." Marco Antonio Rito Palomares practices biotechnology from a research point of view because he enjoys generating knowledge and also, because of the impact it has on the education of human resources. He enjoys watching his students become strong researchers. However, what attracts him more about his profession is the fact that it contributes to the improvement of the quality of life of individuals. After studying biochemical engineering, he took an interest in biotechnology ¿back then the most avant-garde area; as a matter of fact, the most important group on the matter in Europe had too many candidates. He was admitted to an emerging field that recovered and purified biological products, which he believes is the most coincidental and successful situation of his career. When he came back to Mexico, Rito Palomares research work was pioneering, which is why he defines himself as "one of the first madmen who dared to get involved with this". He has worked for over 20 years in the recovery and production of high-value biological products such as hormones, proteins, and enzymes, and continues to be fascinated by the benefits this brings to society. To him, his profession has one challenge: to innovate constantly and to avoid staying in the comfort zone; instead, to always look forward to the next challenge and to face it in a different, completely revolutionary way.