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Ramírez-Mendoza, Ricardo Ambrocio

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The Dean of Research Prof. Ramirez has published over 330 papers in refereed journals, conferences, books, chapters and patents and has mentored over 40 graduate students, post-docs, research engineers and research scientists who occupy leading positions in academia and industry. As a Dean of Research, he is responsible for planning, coordinating and supervising all research activities at School of Engineering and Science, including applied research and technology/knowledge transfer. My leadership abilities and competencies include: Strategies to implement the organization´s Vision, Development and Implementation of strategy (with flawless Execution) and Teamwork. My work in forming Work Teams has been recognized by my leaders and colleagues, Management of Engineering Projects; Strategic Planning; Project Administration; Budget Planning; Administration of Human Resources; Academic Accreditations; Intellectual Property and Patents.The Office of the Associate Dean of Research and Faculty Development leads the School of Engineering and Science's innovation and knowledge creation agenda and provides a variety of schemes, supports and facilitates services and programs to faculty, students, post- doctoral fellows, distinguished professors and other key stakeholders to enable the 2030 strategic plan. The School of Engineering and Science seeks an individual who possesses creativity, intellectual vitality, intellectual curiosity, an ability to challenge the status quo when needed, and the skill to translate visionary goals into successful recruitment, supports and services for highly qualified professionals and world class, top-flight researchers, post-doctoral fellows, distinguished professors and promote creative sustainable model as industrial chair, long-term alliances, academia-industry programs and professorships to contribute to sustainability of our global research strategy. Approaching the first century of the existence of Tecnologico de Monterrey, the School of Engineering and Science is building on a dynamic research culture that enriches the academic experience for its students, creates new knowledge across a broad array of disciplines, and helps improve the economic, social, and cultural vitality of Mexico and indeed the world. The Office of the Associate Dean of Research has relevant stakeholders with whom interacts, for example, the Office of Transfer Technology (TTO), Vice-Presidency Research and Transfer Technology and Vice-Presidency for Academic Affairs. Besides, The Office of the Associate Dean of Research is a key member of some advisor boards and executive team, it actively participates in the strategic decision-making teams at the Vice-Presidency and Presidency level, also serves on many strategic senior leadership committees, internally and externally to the Tecnologico de Monterrey.
The Office of the Associate Dean of Research participates and contributes to Tecnologico de Monterrey leadership by working collaboratively with senior leaders, faculty, students, and staff to ensure the research perspective is considered, expanded, and promoted, and that best-practices are applied to strategic, operational, and policy areas, as appropriate. The Office of the Associate Dean of Research is also a member of the Senior Leadership Team at the Tecnologico de Monterrey, providing strategic advice and direction that ensure the School of Engineering and Science and Tecnologico de Monterrey achieve its bold and inspiring goals and ambitions. The Office of Associate Dean of Research functions in a highly demanding and exciting environment, which requires talent to find inspiring opportunities and identifying issues and challenges, while managing multiple priorities and interests. This Office leads a broad portfolio including: " Leadership for strategic initiatives to foster and enhance research success " Leadership for research centers and institutes " Provision of support aimed at fostering new research programs and forging inter-schools, inter-disciplinary, inter-agency research partnerships " Oversight for inter-school research centers and institutes and leadership.? " Provide leadership in attracting, developing and retaining research chairs " Provide leadership in attracting distinguished professors " Design and provide leadership in enhancing, fostering, promoting and developing new creative models for sustainability of Research Programs, such as industrial chairs, industrial professorship, presidential professorship chairs, long-term strategic alliance, etc. " Act and be an apostle of the creation of knowledge as a means to improve the academic quality of the School and the international positioning of Tecnologico de Monterrey. " Take the responsibility for representing and enhancing understanding of the discovery agenda on a variety of external and internal University boards, committees and forums

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